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over-ambras-1-ambras-bier-met-chocolade About Ambras

The beer Ambras

Ambras is a project by Filip Millet, born and raised in Hoegaarden (Belgium), and since 2004 resident of Noduwez, part of Orp-Jauche in Walloon Brabant (Belgium). Ambras is brewed in the brewery of Jandrain-Jandrenouille, another part of Orp-Jauche, and was created through close collaboration with zythologist Werner Callebaut, also from Noduwez.

It is a blond beer of 6.5 % ABV and it makes use of the exclusive American ‘Palisade’ hop from Yakima Valley in the state of Washington. This hop has as its main characteristic a unique fruity aroma of red fruits. Ambras comes into being through a special method of yeasting at a rather low temperature in which the yeast is always ‘stressed’ to release as many esters as possible. Ambras is a thirst- quencher, it has a subtle hoppiness and a pleasant maltiness with a fruity aftertaste.

The meaning of Ambras

To Flemish people the word  ‘Ambras’ means a quarrel (dispute, conflict). The Flemish word comes from the French word  ‘Embarras’, which means difficulty or hindrance. A Dutch-speaking person pronounces the word  ‘Ambras’ like ‘Ambrasse’, which a French person would interpret as an embrace whereas the Dutch-speaking person means the opposite of what the French speaker understands. By this name we would like to indicate in a playful way that Flemish and Walloons in Belgium sometimes interpret things differently, but that we are all Belgians and apart from any political debate we prove that we can perfectly live together. At least that is what we prove and demonstrate in Noduwez. Here we make and drink  ‘Ambras’ together.

Ambras is the result of a midlife crisis and good tasters will discover the wink and the nod to the Flemish white beer and the Walloon Saison.

Santé, cheers!

Information : [email protected] of https://www.facebook.com/Ambrasdenoduwez.

over-ambras-2-werner-callebaut-photoshoot-ambras About Ambras
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