About Bierolade

Bierolade-pic1 About Bierolade

Mission and vision

Bierolade is a unique concept in which we have people experience the secrets of beer and/or chocolate through fun workshops, beer tasting walks, lectures, …

Bierolade organizes interesting and pleasant tastings for everyone : nice team buildings and innovative events for companies, as well small as large groups, surprising workshops for clubs and associations, cosy family workshops, fun bachelor parties, …

Bierolade wants everyone to discover the wonderful world of beer and chocolate. In every workshop we translate the secrets of beer and chocolate in a simple language and without jargon.

Bierolade’s dream is to introduce the unique combination of the two Belgian top products to everybody and to share our passion and knowledge of beer and chocolate.

Bierolade’s many years’ experience in the art of beer and chocolate pairing enables the creation of exclusive tasting nights. Evenings when memories keep on reverberating long after the taste has disappeared.

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