Beer and chocolate pairing


1 to 3 hours


Tastings and workshops are fully personalised

Number of people

Small and large groups
Minimum 10 people, maximum 100 people

Diest-15 Beer and chocolate pairing

Passion for beer and chocolate

Do you like beer, but also chocolate? Then you will be delighted, you will love this tasting!

Werner Callebaut is a passionate beer and chocolate lover. With Bierolade he has been working on making successful combinations of these two Belgian top quality products. I bring my passion for delicious regional beers and surprising chocolate flavours to you via interesting stories peppered with humour.

Local traditional beers

The local traditional beers offer a harmonious taste with the chocolate or they just go for a strong contrast. By means of petty facts and funny details and juicy beer stories I take you along in the rich and fascinating history of our Belgian beer. Why is Belgium the country of beer chocolate? Is it a coincidence that there are so many references to beer in our Dutch language? How do you best taste, smell and enjoy beer & chocolate?

Diest-14 Beer and chocolate pairing
Diest-13 Beer and chocolate pairing

Local top chocolatiers

The pralines are always made by a local top chocolatier. You discover classic pralines to more surprising combinations with unusual ingredients. What do you think about a wasabi truffle or a praline with apfelstrüdel filling? The shapes and colours are a delight to the eye.

Tailor-made tasting and workshops

The tastings and workshops are fully customized and are prepared à la carte for as well small groups (minimum 10 persons) as large groups (maximum 100 people)

The beer & chocolate tastings are both for individuals and companies and can be organized anywhere in Belgium and the neighbouring countries.

The price is always on request depending on the requirements and the budget.

A beer & chocolate tasting can take 1 to 3 hours according to the available time frame of the customer.

Do you want to enjoy this ultimate taste experience too? Do not hesitate to contact us for a price offer.

Diest-17 Beer and chocolate pairing

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