About Bierolade

Bierolade is a unique concept in which we let people experience the secrets of beer and / or chocolate through fun workshops and surprising tasting walks.


Bierolade has physical and virtual activities. Discover the unique flavors of beer and chocolate combined with the history of a city. Would you rather get to know beer and chocolate in a different way at home or in an intimate company? Then a virtual beer and / or chocolate tasting is for you.


Want to enjoy the wonderful combination of beer and chocolate whenever you want? Looking for the ideal gift for a beer or chocolate lover? Discover the gift packages in our webshop. You get all the information you need to fully enjoy the beer and chocolate combinations.

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Virtual Beer and Chocolate Tastings

Do you want to know everything about beer and chocolate? Are you looking for an interesting workshop in which you will learn the art of tasting artisanal chocolates and/or regional beers? Do you want to discover the different flavours in beer and chocolate? Then this online teambuilding is definitely something for your company.

In preparation of this virtual beer and chocolate tasting, participants will receive a beer and chocolate gift pack in advance.

Learn everything there is to know about beer and chocolate

Do you want to know everything about beer and/or chocolate? Maybe even combined with a tasteful beer walk in Belgium? Are you looking for a nice evening or an interesting workshop where you learn the art of tasting artisanal pralines, chocolate and/or regional beers? Do you want to discover what kind of different flavours are inside beer and chocolate? How would you feel about a beer building at your place, association or club, company with tastings tailored to your requirements? We have something for everyone, ‘all tastes are catered for’: workshops, tastings, presentations, food pairing and other team building activities… in good taste. Finish your next meeting with a workshop as team building. Organize an unforgettable party or food pairing at home or on location.

Werner-Callebaut-houdt-een-glas-Ambras-en-chocolade-vast Welcome to Bierolade

(Inter)National workshops

Whatever you prefer: My many years’ experience as a zythologist/beer connoisseur and chocolate lover can certainly show you the way. I travel throughout the country and I visit you with pleasure. Workshops are organized in Dutch, French or English, even German or Swedish are possible. Timely reservation is recommended. Would you like to sniff some atmosphere already, don’t hesitate to have a look at our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Are you curious for the opinion of our participants, please read their testimonials.