1 to 3 hours


Tastings and workshops are always tailor-made

Group size

Small and large groups
Minimum 10 and maximum 100 people

Business-bierdegustatie-1-gezellig-café Beer tasting

The ultimate beer experience

Looking for the ultimate beer experience? Are you keen on facts about beer? Then you will like this event. Guided by a certified beer sommelier you can taste four excellent Belgian beers. During this interactive tasting the participants are immersed in a bath of flavours.

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Tasting beer with all your senses

The senses are stimulated and the taste buds are pampered with liquid gold. You will learn that tasting beer is something you do with all your senses. We hear and see, smell and taste. The participants will never look at beer in the same way again. A night full of pure indulgence.

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Business-bierdegustatie-7-gouden-carolus Beer tasting
Business-bierdegustatie-4-werner-proeft Beer tasting

Fully customized beer tasting

The tastings and workshops are fully customized and are prepared à la carte for as well small groups (minimum 10 persons) as large groups (maximum 100 people)

The beer tastings are both for individuals and companies and can be organized anywhere in Belgium and the neighbouring countries.

The price is always on request depending on the requirements and the budget.

A beer tasting can take 1 to 3 hours according to the available time frame of the customer.

Do you want to enjoy this ultimate taste experience too? Do not hesitate to contact us for a price offer.

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